Shout for WoTDeathsArrow – WoT I’m thinking and the JagdPz E-100

Regular visitors might have realized that we have new partners on deck for a while. Today, I start to meet my debts and introduce them one by one. The first shout in this row is for WoTDeathsArrow, one of the most professional  WoT-related content-creator on YouTube. He hasn’t got  so many videos like the others, but those he did were made with the integrity and coolness of a veteran soldier. Who knows, maybe he is one. QuickyBaby and Dungeonguru, you are not forgotten either.

WoTDeathsArrow, welcome aboard!

Why do we need partners anyway? I  haven’t got time to make videos, nor have the manpower to do it, and I cannot make better than theirs. Before I tell more about his YouTube-Channel, I have to make one statement. Now as it stands, there won’t be a feature article about the JagdPz E-100, and I have serious reasons for that. For one, the German Tier X TD will receive a serious buff (hope so) in the next version of World of Tanks, and that can change the characteristics of the whole vehicle. Second, none of the staff plays it, and I cannot relate much either. Selling unfounded guidelines is not healthy.

However, if one of our outside buddies (we have one) collects enough experience in, it’s possible that we will return to it for a brief tactical guideline. The most important part of the Jpz E-100 report is available, so we have worked on this some.

WoT is he thinking?

Third and most important reason: because the video-material of WoTDeathsArrow is so comprehensive and instructive, I really don’t know what possibly could I add. This Jpz E-100 demonstration is maybe the best example how a tank video for WoT should look like, and people who know me can tell that I don’t give my regards easily.