Social resources part III – ZeusMoltar and his Armoury

How comes, we have brothers around! One day I had checked my e-mails, and found a message from an unknown fella, who sent me several links about WoT YouTube-channels. I was stunned about the effort and energy invested in by some. For a long time we were looking for partner pages, functional WoT-blogs, and there weren’t any. That was wrong direction, the real deal is on the YouTube, and the ZeusMoltar is enthusiastic in every bit.

ZeusMoltar9 or just Moltar on NA-forums is a veteran self-publisher. He is from Canada, and his foot footsteps are clearly visible on the Web after a brief search. Canadians fight well, the next movie-footage is not about tanks, but it shows the cruel reality of war and one of their proudest moments in military history.

We focus on his YouTube-Channel, the content is easy to see through. These days that is a virtue, it shows, that the content maker bothers with making his work easier to process and how focused the person is. ZeusMoltar divided up his content into three sections.

Having doubts if a tank worth to get? Check out the Armoury!

This channel is for english-speakers, the videos are not subtitled. Native speakers have advantage here. Today’s reality is, that we have to deal with the “neo-latin” on some level, and the guy – although a bit fast-speaking – is perfectly understandable. The Armoury contains extensive reviews about particular tanks from Tier1 to Tier10, 48 videos this far. The last update is less than a day old.

It is highly recommended, if you are curious at the general characteristics and specific gameplay of a tank you are new with or do not own yet. You can either decide, if that tank fits your playstyle, or by watching these reviews, your attention might turn toward new ones.

The Armoury goes from the bottom to the top, no details spared. The narration could hold its ground in a written form. In a 20 mins long video we have gameplay-demonstration (still narrated), comperative description about the niche, the optimal useage of each tank, a short strategy guideline. The gameplay in its details is telltale, that ZeusMoltar9 is an experienced and competent player, his objective words are worth to hear them out.

Ridge by ridge, pit by pit

The next section belongs to his map-reviews.  Moltar updates this head on a weekly basis.  The 20 mins each map-descriptions are really detailed, and are good resources for novice players, who tend to bog down around certain points instead of taking the map and moving, taking the initiative. I have nothing against new players, more experienced tankers can do the same. For them, new points of view about each map ZeusMoltar9 can deliver.

And finally we have multipart patch-reviews by him. Think about it like a news-channel. Obviously these are the most interesting, when an update is still fresh, but we all should really check out ZeusMoltar9’s patch reviews from testserver if 7.4 approaches. Because he tells everything about changes in the newest versions of the game. No more searches for news and forum-browsing, it’s all in one place on video.

The only thing I missed during this channel-review is a bit better illustration, several subtitles, highlights, but oh well… ZeusMoltar fits in our own pantheon of worthy user made WoT-resources. Take a bold look, you won’t regret it!


Social resources part II – The WoT Tips

Right before we continue our own work, I would like to introduce you a nimble YouTube-channel, the WoT Tips. Such shorter posts will be more frequent in the future, since we want to collect and overview user-made resources for World of Tanks, but only those they are free to access. The WoT Tips is definitely worth a look, it gives such information we are lacking, yet. Namely, it guides you through especially vulnerable parts of armor, where ammoracks and engine modules lie.

Highflyer15 or the Riising Sun on YouTube, a danish EU-user, you have to thank him. The channel is ambitious, frequantly updated, has over two thousand subscribers, and it covers numerous different  topics about World of Tanks gameplay. The most important  content is the showing the ammorack/igniteable engine module placement, which is complemented with historical, nominal armor values.

A walkthrough like that can give a clue about the design philosophy each nation, so you don’t have to memorize the specific spots of each vehicle, one look helps a lot already. So in that case you don’t want to mess with hitbox skins, this channel is for you, I never used them either.

The content can be divided up to two main sections, the Tip videos and the gameplay videos. On WoT Tips you can learn the art of scouting, the medium and tank destroyer gameplay, how to support top dogs from the bottom of the food chain in each random match. It teaches you all classes except artillery.

I can tell from experience, that even after I had multi-thousand battles, watching other’s work can often give clues about places and tactics I never thought about, especially, when the uploaded videos are narrated. Veterans tend to be conservative in gameplay and choosing routes. This guy took a lot of work in this.

The WoT Tips shows a great example, how a YoutTube-channel, user made resource should look like. It’s pleasant, no big fuss but worthy, and lot of useful content, no less than 63 videos! You can spend whole evenings just with movie-watching, and you have learned a lot without the tears and bitching of self-experiencing. HD-quality is available.

We recommend this channel to newbie and more experienced players alike. Have a good time with exploring!