Excellent tank review channel

Irregular post is coming. One of our goals is to collect user-made resources, to establish such knowledge base, and it’s here, where we start it. I have stumbled upon an excellent YouTube-channel, the content fits our profile. It’s called The Control Center and made by a US-user Sherman288, and we intend to cooperate with him in the future.

Definitely worth a look !

The content is in english. Our friend concentrates not only at weak armor zones but module damage, ammorack and engine placement particularly. Our text-walls and armor schemes are a bit hard to remember sometimes, even I can forget about those in the heat of the battle, but such visualising helps at absorbing information. This far, they have material about the M103/T110E5 duo and Tier9 tank destroyers.

Our personal policy is simple here, we support and share any content that has quality, but it has to be free to reach. These resources are collected in the blogroll.

In the very close future we plan to make feature videos about particular vehicles, I just got a guy for it, so our own content gets easier to digest, as well.

Watch, subscribe, comment and share, it’s all for you!

The Control Center

See you soon!