All or nothing – The T110E5 protection report

There are new players in town. With the arrival of World of Tanks patch 7.2, two new contender claim their place among the most powerful armored vehicles of World of Tanks. One of them, the T110E5 heavy tank is special in many ways. The new american Tier-10 heavy tank existed only as blueprint/mockup in several versions in the 50s. The T110 was meant to be a lighter M103 heavy tank, with the same punch and armor. But we are here not for a history lesson, the real T110 promised to be an extraordinary, highly innovative tank, the ingame version is no less unique.

Charcharo”s review

Tier-7 armor in Tier-10, not a good start

The main complaint about former Tier-10 heavy tank T30 was the lack of armor protection, since it carried the same hull, as the previous Tier-7 and Tier-9 T29 and T34 heavy tanks, that offered next to nothing protection against the fire of opponents encountered. The 155mm gun of the T30 packs a punch, but the high reload time also meant, that you could be taken apart between two shots. This made the american top tier highly team-dependent and situational, whereas german and russian tanks are more self-reliant. With the arrival of the autoloader-equipped, burst-firing french Tier-8+ heavies, the situation did not improve at random battles, though it still kept its niche in the organized battles of World of Tanks Clan Wars game mode.

The fourth T110 proposal by the Chrysler, this mockup served for T110E5 as base. Picture from Richard Hunnicutt’s Firepower.

The greatest issue for the hard pressed american heavy drivers was the lack of hull armor protection. The players had high expectations towards the replacement.  The newcomer complied with these only partially, but despite its obvious weaknesses, it displays  surprising quality.

The T110E5 is unlike any tank of W.O.T

It’s the lightest and smallest of all Tier-10 heavies. It looks nothing like the previous T29/34 behemoths, more the a Patton medium tank on steroids. But does the low weight offer enough armor protection in heavy weight brawling matches, where the monstrous IS-7s, german mobile bunkers dominated this far? Well, yes and no, and we will show it, why.

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