Cockroach on cocaine – The T-62A

The future is unclear. The cataclysm of the 7.5 patch will change the landscape of World of Tanks, for the better or worse. The current dominance of the heavy tanks is definitely challenged. Fast living and killing beasts will make the life harder for those who cannot adapt fast enough. Protection-maximizing and advanced armor facing tactics matter less and less in this environment, position and spotting does. But do we want an FPS with casual armor and a hitpoint-system instead of a tank game? WoT Armory takes a look at the new medium tanks, T-62A in particular.

Update: HE-penetration was “normalized” in 7.5 test2. For now, they function as “normal” HE instead of increased penetration of HEP/HESH.

New phase of escalation

I think, WG  moved  with the new Tier10 medium tanks into the wrong direction. These new mediums carry such superior weaponry, that effectively nullifies the armor advantage of heavy tanks. In my opinion, this is a misconception. Medium tanks should not armed with equal or superior guns to the heavy tanks. A medium tank is position-taker, it uses its mobility to bring the gun into a favored position. After then, the mediums hold the line until the support arrives in the form of other class vehicles. It rushes, flanks, looks for holes in the defense. However, a medium tank should be not able to face a heavy tank head on by the virtue of pure penetration power and accuracy, damage output.

A Tier10 medium tank should have about the same damage per minute as the current Tier9 Patton has, but with an upper penetration limit which should be ~255 mm.

Demise of dedicated heavy armor, the main battle tank?

This is happening on the test server. Tier10 medium tanks can fire at any target of opportunity but they lack the proper mobility. I can understand, if a same tier medium can penetrate certain parts of a Tier10 heavy tank from the front. However, the gun parameters should be held on a level, where the medium tank has to work (it should have mobility for it) for the advantageous position. But for now, the combination of the accuracy, penetration power and aim time together allow them to take almost any target in sight without much effort.

So, instead of a fine-tuned, balanced gameplay we get a takeover

The arrival of Tier10 mediums and tank destroyers with their “superguns” can make the heavy tanks obsolete.  Armor-based, slower heavies like the Maus or E-100 become relics, and the rest will have a hard time too. I can imagine mixed task forces of medium tanks and tank destroyers on Clan Wars.

What is not fast enough will be food soon. The deep-cutting teeth of swift predators make the slow and cumbersome prey bleed out. However, a takeover means more grinding and spending for those who want to stay in the ring. We know the drill,  the nerfhammer will strike mercilessly after a patch or two, but we won’t get a balanced game definitely. The qualities of the new mediums tanks are such controversial, that a bungler nerfing hand can send them into oblivion instead of fixing. The firepower is tremendous, but they are not fast enough IMO.

One of the contenders, the T-62A medium tank