Social resources part IV – PandyCol

A hardcore gamer blog like us cannot be complete without its own Korean guy. I opened my E-mails this morning and found, that an old follower of us had sent us another link about a YouTube-channel I wasn’t aware of. PandyCol is Korean, but he lives in the USA. But what is really important, that he uploads quality videos for the WoT gaming-community. By the way, thank you Ralf for the tip.

I have to admit, I haven’t seen such entertaining and focused video-content for a long time. At first, I felt weirded out (now I know, how our native English readers feel sometimes), but just for a minute. However, I got the hang of Pandy’s style, it became entertaining and enjoyable in a short time. The footage quality is really good, the content is spot on. Pandy is a natural communicator,  I envy him.

What PandyCol (does Col stand for colonel?) makes are tank-reviews. For me, it’s not easy to write all the same nice and appreciating stuff about each YouTube-channels we partnered. Our regards are not pleasantries, but I can see the effort and enthusiasm. The reviews are more than just good. Pandy adds a plus in form of brief historical reviews, which isn’t absolutely necessary. But for an introduction, they function well. His opinion about each tank is worth to listen, because Pandy can see the shades of grey. He can appreciate the positive sides of less-liked tanks and he demonstrates, how they can make work.

Another feature of Pandy’s site is add-on install tutorials. You can save a lot of trouble here by watching these videos, especially, if you are new in such customization. I wish I had seen these before, because it would had made my usual trial by error learning curve shorter. I know, that such simple guides are important, because questions about add-on installing are frequent on forums.

Pandy’s channel has additional content, but the discovery of the rest is up to you.  I would like to add one thing only. The fact, that Paddy”s ancestors came from Korea reminded me a particular movie I had seen years ago. This is a story of two brothers they were torn apart by the war. This is my personal movie-recommendation for today, a unique look into a different culture, about a no less unique conflict.