IS-7 8.0 armor update

We are dumbfounded. I admit, I was a bit worried about the IS-7 in 8.0. A nearly unstoppable sloped armor monster roamed in my vision. When we faced it on the test server, the results were shocking but in a different way. Now, either we are that dumb and  we had screwed up the previous tests that much, or Wargaming messed with the armor parameters without any transparency, again. No problem, that’s why we have tests for.

One tiny step forward, one big step back

What did we expect? An impregnable glacis armor and a tougher than ever lower front plate, wider angling options. But unlike American heavies we had tested, this tank seemed to not get the memo about the sloped armor compensation nerf, because we found the upper hull armor of the IS-7 not much different from the previous incarnations. It’s tough all right. The head-on optimised pike nose can be still penetrated casually by Tier X tank destroyer guns. Yeah, but this hasn’t got any news value. We have spotted a difference though. Russian tank hulls lose effective armor for the facing side of the pike nose when angled. This is still true.

However, this loss was reduced a bit in 8.0, sub-240 average penetration guns have very little if any chance to pierce this armor at any range and angle.

So far so good. We had expected a bit more than that, but that’s an improvement nevertheless. However, the disappointments did not end here. For the sake of order, I started to do some re-checking shots at the lower front plate of the IS-7, and this was the point where my jaws dropped. About 10 percent of the former armor was gone. One should expect somehow improved efficiency for a nicely sloped armor plate from the compensation nerf but nothing like that.

In fact, the LFP performed even poorer than in 7.2, when we had made the original IS-7 tests of ours. No improvement, not the same level, it was downgraded.

Randomgoddess is a heartless bitch or…?

The results were so bad that we repeated the LFP tests three times, then we switched back to live servers to find out if we had been mistaken that much before.  And it doesn’t seem like the case, the 7.5 version still behaved as it was supposed to be.

8.0 armor facing tactics

Imperial steel – The IS-7 protection report

The people have spoken, this week’s  is all about the high end armored beast, the IS-7! Make no mistake, this nearly 70t monster was designed to defeat anything on tracks, to take unimaginable punishment  in the 40s. A world conqueror with the looks of fantasy tanks from a Red Alert real time strategy game. But can the IS-7 be tamed, what is the exact level of its power? Wot Armory proudly represents you its IS-7 protection report 7.2!

Charcharo’s review

The IS-7 , the workhorse of the World of Tanks Clan Wars.

With the combination of its extremely strong frontal armor, good speed and  powerful 130mm S-70 naval cannon the russian tanks can act like fast attack units, can form a spearhead. Clan Wars task forces are built around an IS-7 core often, which are supported by more specialized end-tier tanks, like Maus or E-100, T110E5s as second line units these days, sometimes Tier-9 tank destroyers. The russian tank does not have the best armor or accuracy, but its overall qualities make it a reliable generalist. In public games a well driven IS-7 is often a deciding factor between victory and loss.

Now let’s dispel the fog and doubts about the armor protection of the IS-7. We found during our tests, that it has the best frontal armor among all Tier-10s. Despite this, an usual immunity sketch can be misleading. It’s clear, that like IS-3, the IS-7 was optimized for head on attacks and against frontal fire. Standard armor-piercing penetrations with Tier-10 guns on the strongest armor (the yellow zones) parts are possible, but only at short range and without reliability. It makes sense, the IS-7 has armor up to 300 mm, and the most powerful guns can get higher penetration rolls, but it’s not really anything a player should count on.

The two-part UFP with the pike nose can take anything from clear head on, but the loss of protection of one side to the left or right of the pike (depends on the side angle of the hull, compared to the opponent) is alarming.

The IS-7 hull armor dilemma