Vote and contact us!

We are ordinary Word of Tanks players from the EU server. With test requests you can communicate with us in any time and form.

Ingame accounts and WOT profiles




You can send us private message on WOT official forum, post in our topics here and here,  ask for new test in as comment here, join our Twitter-channel, or you can just Email Me.

As you are probably aware, our readers can choose among several vehicles offered for testing. On this page you can always check the actual poll (when it’s active) and vote of course, as well.

All The Best

The WOT Armory staff


26 responses to “Vote and contact us!

  1. I suggest T28, also i have atm 140 tanks in my garage most with 100% crews and proper equipment, so incase you need some help with those tests let me know.

  2. I suggest T28, also i have atm 140 tanks in my garage so if you guys need some help with the testings let me know

  3. Hy ! I like your tests and the infos you provide for eager tankers.
    There are still a few tanks that would be nice to see a test on :
    – Ferdinand ( Upper structure & mantlet)
    – T32
    – KV3
    – KV5 ( I don’t have it)
    – T-150
    – jagdpanther 2
    – Jagdtiger
    – object 268 ( I don’t have it)

    I can join in with my tanks

  4. Could you do the Ferdinand? Though most of its hull’s protection is know already thanks to the Tiger (P) article, I’d like to know more about that superstructure and mantlet.

  5. As many above says : can you do a Ferdinand or/and Jagdtiger which have in theory very good armor but in practice only superstructure have good armor and lower part are really thin.

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