Alternate US medium tank concept

Unusual post is coming. During the latest interview, CEO of the WG had hinted the possibility of a new American medium tank line. The gears in my brain started to work for the news, and I would share my own concept with you. Don’t get confused, these tanks and their parameters are not official, only the products of my fantasy. However, I need ideas. If we can work out something together, I will present it to the WG community managers happily. Who knows, maybe they will hear us this time.

So mediums most probably yes

I envision the second American medium  line as a collection of the faster, lightly armored tanks, in contrast to the current more generalist and sometimes armored representatives. The new mediums would move from the hull-down supporter/mountain guerilla combat style to a fast position rusher tank or a wolfpack predator. The new tanks should have well distinguishable strengths and weaknesses from the present US mediums, but the exact differences would depend on the qualities of the now existing same Tier partner pieces.

General rules: all new tanks must have new research-able weapons (I know, more grind and money for the Company, but we have to make this appealing) and no autoloaders (like T69 turret on T42 chassis) and smoothbore guns (like on T96 medium tank).

The changes needed to separate the two American medium line

  • Promote the M4A3E2 to Tier7 with the proper adjustments (hitpoints, view range, etc). Introduce the 90mm M3 gun on it, stock and upgraded turrets swapped. The now Tier7 Sherman Jumbo acted as a bridge between the M4A3E8 and the M26 Pershing. The T20 would become the part of the “fast line” and the parent of the T23.
  • Re-introduce the T23 medium tank in Tier8. The T23 is distinguishable from the Pershing. It’s lighter and faster, more agile, but less armored. The T23 medium tank  made up the lack of armor with mobility and accuracy on the move. The upgraded turret should be changed to the more consistent model of the historical T25 medium tank, because the latter is a T23 with a new turret, torsion bar suspension and a 90mm gun, and such big weapons look stupid in the small T23 turret IMO. And no more “bread baskets” please.

General characteristics

  1. Available weapons: 76mm M1A2, 90mm M3 ( in upgraded turret), 76mm T98 (in upgraded turret)
  2. Speed and turn rate limit: 56 km/h and 40 degrees/sec. Acceleration comparable to the T-54 Russian medium tank
  3. 1400 hitpoints and lower view range than the Pershing

The T23 should get an alternate weapon more suited to its “Easy 8 in Tier8” combat style. A special 76mm gun existed after World War Two, when the Americans tried to overcome the shortcomings (less ammo, lower rate of fire) of the 90mm caliber compared to the deadly 7,5cm gun of the German Panther tank. The 3 Inch T98 gun L/70 offers slightly higher penetration and theoretical damage per minute over the Pershing at the cost of the alpha strike. The research of the new gun would be not required to the following Tier9 medium tank.

T98 gun on the M26E1 prototype. Source: Richard Hunnicutt’s “Patton”

  1. Penetration: 188mm
  2. Accuracy: 0.36 (new system)
  3. Rate of fire: 15-16/min (new system)
  4. Aim time: 2.3 sec (new system)
  5. Alpha strike: 130 hitpoints

The new Tier9 and 10 proposal