Who put tracks on that poor shipwreck? – The KV-4 protection report

Some tanks you just don’t like. With every match, you feel more and more disgusted, because that lumbering piece of steel stands stubbornly in your way to a more promising tank. But you are closed in together, and you have the time to start admiring the unexpected qualities. In the long run, you might think, hey, the ride wasn’t that bad after all, but my eyes still hurt, when I see a KV-4. Especially, when it looks like, it was put together from leftover pieces on the scrapyard of the KV design-bureau…Here it comes, the KV-4 protection report.

Announcement: Thoryne is on holiday for a week, so you have to settle for my hasty, Level1 Paint skills for a while. As soon as he is back, the armor schemes will be redrawn.

Different strokes

Now I did not want to hurt the feelings of the KV-fan club. I always had a soft spot towards the furnace-like turret of the KV-2 and its stove-pipe. Even so, the KV-4 looks odd at best, and this has something to do with the turret, because the hull is conventional to KV-terms, only as long as a locomotive or a torpedo-boat… But one thing is sure, the designers had not real warfare in mind, because the construct is flawed, in WoT, too.

The greatest roadblock on Earth

Picture from battlefield.ru

Under real frontline conditions, even normal KVs could not be kept in running order on an acceptable level (the transmission just never worked out itself). Heroic tales are told about braveheart tank commanders and bridges blocked for days before the advancing Germans. Right, they were valiant, no doubt, but their tank had a  mechanical breakdown actually. What did those brilliant minds think, that a two times heavier, clumsy beast will up to the job? The “KB-4” was never built, probably for the better.

You won’t escape it easily

KV-4 and its top gun

The KV-4 is a typical filler tank. The grinders are probably seeing the likewise unusual, but more effective ST-I. Basically, it fits, that Russian heavy tank line is about slower, bunker-like models with better all-around armor. And the WG does not make the lives of the players easier, unique engine and gun (of course you need the turret for it – EDIT – in final 7.4, not anymore). The latter can not be used later on the ST-I! But until then we have to do with the old 122mm D-25 or 107mm Zis-6, and anyone, who has grinded the IS-3 knows, how pain it was until the BL-9. Now imagine a much less mobile tank with next to nothing flanking options and sub par armor, because the protection is, where the KV-4 is flawed.

Armor schemes and tactical guideline