The First Tiger killer – The Churchill tank

I have found an Object 268 successfully on the EU server, so we can start to work on it over the weekend. In the meantime, let’s take a short trip into the lower Tiers again. I spend most of my playtime in Tier V or VI. Shorter battles, less upkeep, no tactical nukes deployed on orbit, steadier gameplay in general. The Churchill tank is a gem among the lower Tier premiums in World of Tanks. If you have serious plans with the Russian heavy tank line and need a cheap silver-maker you should seriously consider the Churchill. This article will use the “short” format designed for the “old tanks”.

Recommended site about the Churchill tank (building up)

WoT Armory as part of a historical/game project


The Churchill-series were British infantry tanks designed and built during the Second World War. The designers had an uneven, shell-torn landscape with never-ending network of trenches and fortifications in mind, just like the Great War. The Churchill had been built as a long “trench-crosser” tank which had to be capable of getting across the most difficult terrain. Speed was not a requirement as the tank had to work in close cooperation with the advancing infantry. The first successful version, the Mk III, first saw action in the Second Battle of El-Alamein. The Churchill had been  designed conservatively but it was roomy and tough skinned.  These tanks were among the few available at the time that had a sporting chance against the German anti-tank weaponry.

Infantry tank brigades (three tank regiments each) were attached to infantry divisions. The Tommies and the different  Churchill-variants fought side by side from the North African deserts through the steppes of the Eastern Front to the jungles of theFar East and they had quite a few fierce battles. One Mk III was the first allied tank to knock out a German Tiger. The slow but well-armored Churchill tanks did very well against the Blitzkrieg armor of the Germans but they were outgunned against the newer Panzer generations. For this reason the British used TDs from overwatch positions to cover the infantry tanks during operations.

If you are curious boutt the real Churchill tank, google Gerry Chester, a real veteran driver.

SWOT-analysis of the Churchill