Sponsored by Matchbox – The VK 4502 (P) Ausf. A

Good news, bad news, we have plenty. This time, I do the drawing. However,  we have found a native English and Russian speaker fella from Canada. He can start next week, so our content will improve a lot. But the real news are, that one new french TD is tested out already. Two are still to go, but by the first half of the next week, all three from Tier7 to 9 will be included in a single article. But until then, all hail to the favourite toy tank of many, the VK 4502 (P) Ausf. A!

Medium-heavy or heavy-medium?

This lovable bugger is overshadowed by the Tigers of the more popular Henschel-line,  undeserved. Maybe because the VK 4502 (P) Ausf. A is somewhere in the “grey zone” of vehicle classes. Not a real heavy, but not fast enough for a medium. However, it’s definitely more mobile than an ordinary heavy tank. My personal opinion is, that the “A” is the most agile Tier8 heavy tank (besides the AMX). It lacks the acceleration on terrain of the IS-3, but it can pivot turn.

Although this level of mobility won’t make it a full-scale medium tank which rushes hills or other key positions at the beginning of the battle. Nor is the Ausf. A in its element in the first line. The “matchbox” (I pet it like that) is a good all-arounder. It can fight other Tier8 heavies, it’s really good at fighting same tier medium tanks. It can flank and re-position in time.  Experienced players appreciate these qualities  better  sometimes than bigger guns and a ten inches of armor.

Now I admit anytime, that the IS-3 or the King Tiger carries guns with more penetration, and they can fight Tier9s better head-on. On the other hand, the handling of the VK 4502 Aus. A is so much better, that I can forget about the lack of Tier9 weapon.  Like Tiger P, it does not suffer from engine damage by frontal hits. In short, I highly recommend this tank to anyone.