Last chance for glory – The Tiger tank in World of Tanks

I’m really sorry for the longer than expected hiatus, but truth to be told, we have a problem. For days, first my subconscious then my reason started to doubt if there is any future for this blog. The upcoming version of World of Tanks brings major changes in more way than one in the gameplay, and one of these affects all the work of ours heavily. If we can’t find a solid solution for it, then this post could be the last stand of WoT Armory. So let te horns be sounded! If we cannot triumph, we will ride out in the blaze of glory.

Plans for the 8.0 changes!

  • Re-test all CW-related heavy armor. Mostly pictures, few text.
  • The rest will go through a calculated conversion for the main armor areas

Let me elaborate

It was no less than a lighting strike for us. All of a sudden, WG announced that there will be major changes in the slope compensation system. The relative distribution of weak and stronger areas will not change, but the levels of protection is going to. I’m thinking about a 8.0 conversion table for different slopes, but most people don’t know the angles for each vehicle (neither do I sometimes), and we don’t have the time and stamina for redoing them all. Not to mention that estimates and rough calculations cannot really substitute hands on tests. But what really bothers me that our armor facing and shooting guides become obsolete and useless overnight. We don’t know how to handle this yet, and I’m at the end of my personal WoT playing curve.

And this product of the German war-machine  is still selling…

It couldn’t be a more fit end than analysing the most legendary tank of History, the German Tiger. Well, don’t expect me to  do a historical coverage, because there are tons of pure text and multimedia material about the Tiger tanks online, and the books alone could fill a whole library. One thing is for sure, the Tiger became the greatest “sandwich tank” of popular history. I would rather concentrate on a gameplay guide and giving a helping hand to the starters who picked the German Henschel-line first.

How to Tiger?