Colossus on clay feet? – The E-100 protection report

I will shake several trees with this post, but you have to believe me, that my intentions are good. If you visit these pages, I suppose, you are willing to improve your knowledge and gameplay in World of Tanks. The last poll of ours has been  the closest. In the last days, the E-100 took the lead over the VK 4502 (P) Ausf. B. This Tier10 tank is disliked by many, but I think, the real problem are the players who drive it. Now, before I have to dodge  rotten tomatoes flying, just hear me out.

Charcharo’s review

Theaptpupil’s review

Update: The rangefinder above the turret has very weak armor. During additional tests, it managed to achieve seven shot protection for only 132 average penetration. 144 avg did ~50 percent. The “ears” outside the front turret profile do not take damage, but the part above the turret does.

Well, thanks a lot, History Channel…

During over ten thousand battles people can see most things. I don’t use XVM-mod, but my personal impression is, that the first german heavy tank line (the Henschel) has the  poorest drivers at average in the game. Don’t get me wrong, there is a plausible explanation for that, and it has not much to do with the putative or real superiority of Russian armor in World of Tanks. We are talking about Europe, the supremacy of German engineering has a strong cult here. The same can be said about the armed forces of the Third Reich, especially the Panzerwaffe.

World of Tanks, the game, where you can slaughter countless Wittmans and Rommels

Novice players usually go on the german heavy tank route first, because they expect to kick ass in a Tiger tank. The first slap in their face is, that in the extended timeframe of WoT the basic Tiger is nothing extraordinary. In fact, it’s a frail, hard to play tank, and at this point, the “combat socialization” of the umpteenth MWittman88 or Rommelblitzkrieg goes wrong. American tanks force you to read the terrain, Russians drive you in the first line of the battle. However, the “sniper” style of the Tigers leads to idle gameplay, poor situational awareness and lack of real map knowledge. For a novice player, the US medium tank line might be a better school in WoT, but they have a bad historical reputation.

The E-100 in real life. Unfinished like the training of many. Picture from

I will get better in a bigger tank. No, you won’t…

It doesn’t work this way. Countless Tiger drivers sit through countless battles cussed behind the same rock or building. The higher the tier is, the more likely they will camp, because they are afraid of SPGs (who doesn’t) and the repair costs. Time and again they score some this way, but this will just reaffirm their stubbornness. This is bad, because they will gain to few experience at offensive gameplay, and WoT is about map-control. With enough persistence and bitching about the Russian bias these players can reach the high tiers. The next slap in their face on this course is inevitable. The E-100 demands a different style of play, and these players will simply lack the tactical competence to make it work.

Personally, I have nothing against the “German Cult” or the new players. IS- or US tank drivers can be just as “veggie”, but the poor masses in Tigers, E-75s and E-100s are noticeable. However, it’s not a real problem, this is just a game, and if you are still here with us, you did the first but the most important step to become a badass tanker.

Eye of the Tiger!