Last chance for glory – The Tiger tank in World of Tanks

I’m really sorry for the longer than expected hiatus, but truth to be told, we have a problem. For days, first my subconscious then my reason started to doubt if there is any future for this blog. The upcoming version of World of Tanks brings major changes in more way than one in the gameplay, and one of these affects all the work of ours heavily. If we can’t find a solid solution for it, then this post could be the last stand of WoT Armory. So let te horns be sounded! If we cannot triumph, we will ride out in the blaze of glory.

Plans for the 8.0 changes!

  • Re-test all CW-related heavy armor. Mostly pictures, few text.
  • The rest will go through a calculated conversion for the main armor areas

Let me elaborate

It was no less than a lighting strike for us. All of a sudden, WG announced that there will be major changes in the slope compensation system. The relative distribution of weak and stronger areas will not change, but the levels of protection is going to. I’m thinking about a 8.0 conversion table for different slopes, but most people don’t know the angles for each vehicle (neither do I sometimes), and we don’t have the time and stamina for redoing them all. Not to mention that estimates and rough calculations cannot really substitute hands on tests. But what really bothers me that our armor facing and shooting guides become obsolete and useless overnight. We don’t know how to handle this yet, and I’m at the end of my personal WoT playing curve.

And this product of the German war-machine  is still selling…

It couldn’t be a more fit end than analysing the most legendary tank of History, the German Tiger. Well, don’t expect me to  do a historical coverage, because there are tons of pure text and multimedia material about the Tiger tanks online, and the books alone could fill a whole library. One thing is for sure, the Tiger became the greatest “sandwich tank” of popular history. I would rather concentrate on a gameplay guide and giving a helping hand to the starters who picked the German Henschel-line first.

How to Tiger?

Pocket Tiger – The VK 3601H

This Henschel medium tank is a familiar sight in most battles. The VK 3601H is one of the most common Tier VI tanks and an common opponent for mid-tier credit-farmers. The “pocket Tiger” is a powerful and forgiving vehicle and is especially suitable for learning core principles of the game like armor-angling and flanking. The VK 3601H is a late love of mine and how I missed it for so long I still do not know.

M26/46 Pershing/Patton front armor uploaded!


For me, the 3601H was always a bit funny and somehow cramped-looking tank. A newborn Tiger tank in an interim form. Private joke: we call it “rose-bowl” (or something similar in my native language) because of the funny boxes on the engine deck. Despite the seemingly embarrassing nickname I learned to respect the 3601H in my first real tank, the M4A3E8. It was a force I could not deal with purely by firepower. The 3601H, along with some other tanks, forced me to look for flanking opportunities, to learn the tricks of close combat and circle-strafing, to fight and fire on the move whenever it’s possible.

It’s a clear sign of the overwhelming popularity of German armor on EU servers that my most killed tank in Tier V and VI is the PzIV and the VK-H (guess what it is in Tier VII…). On the other hand, the 3601H is a great trainer for future German heavy tank drivers because it can teach almost everything you need to know in this game. The 3601H is a greyzone tank; it can be played like a heavy in its Tier and lower,  a pocket Tiger tank. You can play it like a medium in higher Tier battles. It doesn’t function perfectly in those two very different roles, but it does well enough.

As one of the first heavy tank attempts of the Germans, only one VK 3601H hull was ever built. The work went on the Tiger tank. Picture taken from Germany’s Tiger Tanks D.W. to Tiger I of Jentz and Doyle

The VK3601H is a good all-rounde tank and one which can be a threat even to Tier VIIIs in the right hands. All right, let’s see how to play the 3601H and how to defeat it. Whether you drive it or fight it we have some tips for you. Let’s forget the gold-ammo firing noob-stomper wallet-warriors in public games for a minute. They are such a rare sight, the real face of the 3601H is not theirs.


Hier kommt die Maus

It doesn’t matter how many articles we do, this blog will be never complete without the white elephant of World of Tanks. I’m in an awkward situation here because I’m not a Maus-driver. That is why I have asked  a veteran player with almost 1k battles in the Maus and with “unicum” efficiency  for a consultation. Still, I don’t think we can say we have any good news for experienced players. The Maus was the very first German Tier X and almost everyone who wanted it unlocked it long ago. Since then more appealing grind options than this obsolescent mobile pillbox have appeared. By the way, who said that the Germans haven’t got a sense of humor?

Link for the historical stuff.

Charcharo”s review

 T110E3 front armor scheme in the gallery!

Update: new Maus weak spot identified

Everybody wants a piece of you

The Maus is a classic “armor” tank. Compared to other Tier Xs it has less than adequate armament and poor mobility. This German super-heavy tank is the heaviest tank of all time. It is also one of the largest tanks of all time and an obvious target for the now over-abundant high tier artillery. Your side or front armor doesn’t matter if the shell comes from above. The Maus is THE shell-magnet of World of Tanks. The armor functioned well when there weren’t so many high-penetrating Tier X guns around. The introduction of newer small, extra-fast light tanks  has made spotting even easier for SPGs and early spotting on open maps has become much more common. The Maus was banished from the open fields and forced into cities. This giant became an urban dweller and it still holds its own there.

Real insight about the current status of World of Tanks high-tier gameplay, including the gun penetration versus armor race and the on-going “power creep”, can be found in this forum post. The author explains his theory clearly and I am of one mind with him. I think, after patch 7.5 (released at the end of July/beginning of August 2012), that most of us are curious if the armor of the Maus can stand up to the raw power of the new Tier X tank destroyer guns. Let’s find out.

Maus has received 200 extra hitpoints in 7.5. It now has 3000 in total.

Three golden rules of the Maus armor-facing tactics