We break for nobody – The T28 tank destroyer

Forums and discussion boards are buzzing. Everybody tries to size up the magnitude of changes coming with the 7.5 patch. But are old tanks still interesting in this turmoil? The T28 American tank destroyer is probably the last vehicle we tested out before 7.5. Our hands will be full with the new toys within days. However, we have to postpone the Maus test with a week or two, because I don’t want to present soon obsolete information. The T28 TD is a personal favorite of mine, but how good it really is? Well, it depends on your expectations…

We had written about the origins of this “combat turtle” in one of the earliest articles (the one with the 300 reference). The T28 and the T95 “super havy tank” were the same vehicle. The WoT T28 is a scaled-down, shrunken T95 with the outer pair of tracks removed, somehow similar to the fantasy design above. The T28 is not the only American tank destroyer which was made up by the WG, and certainly isn’t the last one.

It comes with the age

If the T25 (another made up TD) is a race car on tracks and with a huge gun, the T28 drives leisurely like a bulldozer. Many people are shocked about the sluggish nature of this armored creature, and the change is radical indeed after the nimble and versatile T25. I kept my distance for a long period and played the elite T25 for months. When I was finally bored with the Tier7 TD, I wanted something different. I did not want to be everywhere at the same time anymore. No more aggressive flanking and racing for forward positions, all I wanted was to sit down and shoot everything getting into my sights.

Tactical guideline