T110E5 8.0 armor update

Back to basics. The Tier X American heavy was the very first tank we had written about like five months ago. In this review, we focus on the changes coming in the next patch. I won’t talk and write much in this post, the tone meant to be more military-like. All Tier X armor protection schemes are going to be revised sooner or later. All right, let’s see the T110E5!  You can use the hull part for the T110E4 too.

Retained characteristics of the T110E5 in patch 8.0

  • The T110E5 is relatively small and mobile for a heavy tank. It’s a light-weight compromise design which concentrates its armor on the front. The frontal armor has mixed zones of especially strong and weaker parts. It’s very hard to use its armor strengths, because there is always a con for a pro.
  • Mobility is at least as important part of the protection as the armor itself
  • Angling of the egg-shaped hull is possible, although it’s not recommended against every opponent and in every situation. See details later.
  • There are three main vulnerable zones we should focus on: the lower front plate, the commanders cupola and the hull sides.

Armor changes in general for 8.0

  • The sloped parts of front armor are now stronger by a rough 10 percent
  • The upper front plate or glacis now gives reliable protection against all Tier X tank guns. Only Tier X TD guns has considerable chance to penetrate it.
  • The lower front plate and the cupola got a very bit tougher.
  • Against non-overmatching (at least by a factor of two) projectiles with 200+ avg pen the hull side armor allows angling up to 25 degrees. Sub-200 avg pen guns allow angling for the sides up to 30-35 degrees. Approaching an opponent behind a corner is less risky for the sides (and for the ammo rack behind them) now.
  • Weak spots against AP and HEAT (gold ammo) are most similar.

The T110E5 hull armor in 8.0


Hills are my armor – The T29 heavy tank

The test server patch is downloading right now. If you are lucky and persistent enough, you can squeeze yourself among thousands of curious Russians and try out the new toys. We have another ordinary article before we start to work on the test server again. Our pick is the T29, because we can demonstrate hull-down tactics and terrain usage with it. Coming up, the T29 in World of Tanks.

Object 263 front armor is in the gallery

Battleship turret is missing, did anyone see it?

The T29 in World of Tanks is the first real American heavy tank. We always looked at the Tier VII heavy with respect. It’s pretty big tank, the hull is long and wide, the turret looks especially impressive. It’s like you are driving an armored cruiser on land. Now, the eight ever built T29/34s were research vehicles, not actual combat prototypes. The whole purpose of the development was the tryout of future heavy tank components like engines and transmission, suspension, guns, etc. The first tank did not appear before 1947. In fact, the T32 had been finished first, a year earlier. The T29/34 never saw service in real life, but the work on them lead to the M103 Cold War  heavy tank in the 50s.

The T29 is in an interesting position in World of Tanks, because it was placed in the same Tier as the German Tiger tank which had been appeared in 1942, the Russian IS heavy tank which fought in 1944-45 and so on. The US heavy tank development was much less abundant of vehicles during the Second World War. The American  had comparable protection and firepower to the German King Tiger in real life. The T29 in World of Tanks stayed in the term of capacities a bit above the same Tier counterparts until the Tiger P appeared, and I still count it as a Tier 7.5. My best ever fight was in a T29, long before the age of replays. I ended up with 11 kills, 2k non-premium experience and a my very first Kolobanov medal. A T29 can do that.

But to be good in the T29 you have to learn to live with the terrain. In other words, how to leapfrog between hull-down positions?

Hull-down and 8.0 armor guide

Tough little thing – The M4A3E2 in World of Tanks

We are trying a new format for old tanks. Well known armor with significant level of protection still deserves a coverage. The accumulated experience gives us  the opportunity to present a unique deep level of tactical analysis. All right, I admit, I went sentimental on this one. My veteran M4A3E2 medium tank retires today. As one of the most experienced Jumbo drivers on EU, this long write-up is my personal legacy, a farewell to the old medium trainer. If you like it, we can follow the same template for older tanks. Read it up, this old warrior deserves it.

An “old tank” article follows this template: a short introduction (less monologue, more relevant content principle), a detailed SWOT-analysis (strengths and weaknesses), in the end, an opponent-specific combat guide.


The M4A3E2 was a stop-gap assault vehicle based on the standard M4A3 Sherman medium tank, which reached the front lines in the Autumn of 1944. The troops in Europe needed a better armored  tank that can lead columns, and the new T26 medium tank was not ready for mass-production yet. Only 254 M4A3E2 were converted from M4A3s with a new turret and welded on armor. The „Jumbos” fought in the Ardennes and through the campaign against the German homeland. After the Battle of the Bulge, the surviving tanks were equipped with salvaged 76mm M1A1 guns in field workshops to have a better chance against German armor. The E2 was the only Sherman variant that could take a shot from the legendary German 88.

Sherman tanks of the 3rd “Spearhead” Armored Division. A Jumbo with M1A1 gun is to the left, to right and behind an E8.

The M4A3E2 in WoT

The Jumbo is a Tier VI medium tank in WoT. You can research it on the M4 Sherman tank. The Jumbo also acts as a bridge towards the American heavy tank line, we can collect experience for the M6 heavy with it. The M4A3E2 is probably the best armored Tier VI tank, but it’s slow and  the armament is moderate. The Jumbo is recommended for  more cautious and determined players who prefer armor over speed and like to fight the battle to the end. The M4A3E2 is less team-oriented than the much more mobile M4A3E8 with the same firepower. The Jumbo performs better individually  against Tier VI and Tier VII opponents but it’s also less able to hunt bigger and higher level armor in  medium tank wolfpacks.