Effective armor changes for 8.0 – Tier VIII

We are still waiting for the new Russian tank destroyers in 8.0. In the meantime, let’s continue our review about the sloped armor changes for the next patch. Tier VIII is the level where things get interesting. We will have superior tanks,  we will have obsolescent tanks, life gets harder for each Tier when facing one level higher armor. This new system seems to shepherd everybody towards the Tier X “superguns”. Details of the next big WG money-squeeze.

8.0 effective armor values are converted by 5 degrees average compensation instead of 4 for both tables. After our own lenghty test experience and information provided by Storm in 7.3, we have sticked with 8 degrees for 7.5.

For the sake of order, I repeat the rules

  1. Most numbers are calculated, but they correspond with gameplay experience and previous test results. Basically, effective armor thickness is the same as we call WoT-equivalent armor, an armor value a gun with the same average penetration has 50 percent chance to defeat at short-range without side angle. Our “seven shot protection numbers” are usually lower than these by 10-15 percent.
  2. The average compensation for AP against sloped armor is 8 degrees at this time (confirmed by Storm in 7.3), this will be lowered to 5 degrees in 8.0
  3. The game calculates overmatch-effect more than one way. If a gun has double the average penetration than the nominal thickness of the armor, the current compensation will increase to 10 degrees, probably less in the upcoming version. However, this difference is minor (5-10 mm).
  4. It’s recommended to multiply the WoT-equivalent armor values by 1.2 to measure if your gun is up to that particular target and armor plate.
  5. 40-45 degrees side angle means about extra 1.25X multiplier for effective armor, although  thin sides (80 mm and below) at such high angles  usually become vulnerable.

Additional remarks

  1. In some cases the exact thickness/slope in the game is unknown for me. I used the seven shot protection test value of us instead of the calculated 50% WoT-equivalent.
  2. 8.0 will affect the compensation of lateral angle the same way as vertical, it will be halved. Tanks with two-dimensional slope (IS-3/7/8) will gain more head-on effective armor than the rest.
  3. 70 degrees slope means autobounce unless the thickness of the armor is overmatched by a factor of three by the projectile caliber. Thicker armor with 70 degrees slope and above does not receive any previous normalisation (confirmed by Tiger 60 mm /74 degrees glacis test- all bounced, shot-trap penetrations on UFP).

Tier VIII changes