Effective armor changes for 8.0 – Tier VII

Today, we start the 8.0 conversion. I’ve chosen tanks and TDs with considerable amount of slope and converted their effective armor to 8.0 standard. Although the new version of World of Tanks is not live yet, we would like to help with these tables upfront. Tier after Tier will be uploaded in the next few days, but Tier X armor is going to be re-tested completely. The first table is about Tier VII, and I try to read out some changes in the metagame.

KV-1 front armor in the gallery

What you should know when you read this table

  1. All numbers are calculated, but they correspond with gameplay experience and previous test results. Basically, effective armor thickness is the same as we call WoT-equivalent armor, an armor value a gun with the same average penetration has 50 percent chance to defeat at short-range without side angle. Our “seven shot protection numbers” are usually lower than these by 10-15 percent.
  2. The average compensation for AP against sloped armor is 8 degrees at this time (confirmed by Storm in 7.3), this will be halved in 8.0.
  3. The game calculates overmatch-effect more than one way. If a gun has double the average penetration than the nominal thickness of the armor, the current compensation will increase to 10 degrees, probably less in the upcoming version. However, this difference is minor.
  4. It’s recommended to multiply the WoT-equivalent armor values by 1.2 to measure if your gun is up to that particular target and armor plate.
  5. 40-45 degrees side angle means about extra 1.25X multiplier for effective armor, although at such high angles thin sides (80 mm and below)  usually become vulnerable in Tier VII.

Tier VII armor changes