Social resources part II – The WoT Tips

Right before we continue our own work, I would like to introduce you a nimble YouTube-channel, the WoT Tips. Such shorter posts will be more frequent in the future, since we want to collect and overview user-made resources for World of Tanks, but only those they are free to access. The WoT Tips is definitely worth a look, it gives such information we are lacking, yet. Namely, it guides you through especially vulnerable parts of armor, where ammoracks and engine modules lie.

Highflyer15 or the Riising Sun on YouTube, a danish EU-user, you have to thank him. The channel is ambitious, frequantly updated, has over two thousand subscribers, and it covers numerous different  topics about World of Tanks gameplay. The most important  content is the showing the ammorack/igniteable engine module placement, which is complemented with historical, nominal armor values.

A walkthrough like that can give a clue about the design philosophy each nation, so you don’t have to memorize the specific spots of each vehicle, one look helps a lot already. So in that case you don’t want to mess with hitbox skins, this channel is for you, I never used them either.

The content can be divided up to two main sections, the Tip videos and the gameplay videos. On WoT Tips you can learn the art of scouting, the medium and tank destroyer gameplay, how to support top dogs from the bottom of the food chain in each random match. It teaches you all classes except artillery.

I can tell from experience, that even after I had multi-thousand battles, watching other’s work can often give clues about places and tactics I never thought about, especially, when the uploaded videos are narrated. Veterans tend to be conservative in gameplay and choosing routes. This guy took a lot of work in this.

The WoT Tips shows a great example, how a YoutTube-channel, user made resource should look like. It’s pleasant, no big fuss but worthy, and lot of useful content, no less than 63 videos! You can spend whole evenings just with movie-watching, and you have learned a lot without the tears and bitching of self-experiencing. HD-quality is available.

We recommend this channel to newbie and more experienced players alike. Have a good time with exploring!