Promises-promises… The Su-101

The main armor areas have decent protection for that medium-like mobility, about Type 59-level. However, this armor does not mean much against Tier IX and X guns, and the lower front plate has less slope than the upper hull. We can bounce 175 avg pen hits with some extra angle on the UFP and the superstructure, 203 on a good day. At least the side armor allows safe angling up to 25 degrees, 160 avg starts to penetrate the hull sides above that.

The armor is ruined just as

However, our close combat- hugging-abilites are hampered by three major weaknesses of the armor. First, we have a tumor on the right side of the superstructure with a mere 90 mm unsloped armor. Second, the hull roof/engine deck is only 20 mm thick, and thanks to the three times of calibre overmatch rule, a wretch like the 8.0 Panzer IV can penetrate us from the front. Third, the driver’s hatch is very weakly armored too.

Bonus, 105mm AP or HE can penetrate the rear armor through the stern door for full damage. There is a thin  line with spaced armor between the hull the superstructure, but it does not offer any extra protection when compared to the latter (~100 mm).

Flanker TD, if there is one such thing

Despite all the aforementioned weaknesses, the Su-101 can be still a deadly medium tank hunter. It can bully lower Tiers and most Tier VIII mediums, but alone the Uralmash-1 is in trouble against same Tier heavies and tank destroyers because they can just outgun it. In the terms of armor and firepower it’s nowhere to the French AMX AC Mle. 1948. The grind will be shorter if you have the all engines from the T-44.

The setup is stock on this picture!

Have mercy, let me play my T95 instead…

In its current state, I have no intention to play  the Su-101 on live. The Su-122-54 could be the best thing invented since the enduring light bulb, I don’t care and I haven’t got the stomach for the upcoming Object 263 hype either. If we can unlock the 122 mm BL-9S for in one of the next versions of the game, then we can talk about it. Meaningless buffs like 50 extra hp and faster reload with half a second won’t do jack and sh@t.

The new ingame tech tree for the Su-101. Yellow is the prize in credits, green is the required experience.

VanDaal, Sinenfutorepatolvaj

Video credits to ZeusMoltar


22 responses to “Promises-promises… The Su-101

  1. This is perhaps the price one has to pay for acquiring the OBJ 263, which is as OP as these are underpowered.

    It could be that WG wants to make the most from the new TD line, and really want those who want the OP OBJ263 to pay for it by using huge amounts of Free XP in order to skip Su100M and Su101.

    I was late to the Russian TD line, and found Su100 to be superb. Its great fun specially with the new MM. Its surely a bit OP for Tier 6 matches (two shotting almost everything) but very effective against Tier7s and Tier 8s. Su100M is a POS compared to the Su100 (for its tier) and specially compared to the Su152 (same tier).

    • you’re completely right with WG’s take on new TD line(s) but SU-100 isn’t OP, it really isn’t very effective against T8, especially when that T8 driver knows what he’s doing (i can bounce 175mm pen with my PII most of times). look at T8 TD of all nations – they can hurt frontally every tank two tiers up – SU-100 cant do that.

  2. Object 263 is evil. It bounced a gold round from the Maus’ gun…..on a friggin’ view port in the front superstructure. It wasn’t perfectly on level with Maus either. It was above me on sloped side of a ridge.

      • You are forgetting that the introduction of the Object 263 has now the best frontal armor in the game… 250 mm at a 60 degree angle makes 435… the E-100 cannot match that for 200 at a 50 degree is only 380 mm. YES I CALCULATED MYSELF… I USED A PROTRACTOR AND DID THE MATH MYSELF… Flippy617 out

  3. This is getting old now. Keep all the mid-tier tanks underpowered and the top-tier tanks overpowered on release, to motivate people to spend gold. Then, gradually buff the mid-tier tanks and nerf the top-tier tanks to move the game back into balance.

    I’m just waiting for them to buff it now. Maybe I’ll get it in half a year, when it finally doesn’t suck.

  4. to recap something here that was way before wotarmory’s times.
    E75 always was stated to have much stronger lower plate than E100.
    – 130mm at 60 = 211mm compared to 150mm at 50 = 202mm which made a lot of senses.
    If it is tested here that E75 has 120mm at 60 = 195mm which is less than E100 then E75 MUST HAD BEEN STEALTH NERFED by WG. I remembered way back when E series tank just went live, it was very much stated that E75 has 130mm LFP.

    I played these tanks way back then and I know what they were. I am 100% sure about this.

      • same thing was done to PzIV in one of the 0.7.x patches: traverse turning bug – it wasn’t a bug (bug that can be fixed in 1 day and is live for months isn’t a bug), it was a test stealth nerf for WG to see if nerfing mobility will decrease PzIV global win rate (thats why they didn’t want to fix it fast). as we know now it didn’t and WG got “brilliant” idea to make money – one of the most loved tanks in WoT becomes premium and normal version is nerfed so much it becomes completely different tank.

  5. It is a good thing they nerfed Su-101. In the first Testserver it made the Jagdpanther II completely obsolete. The only the JP-2 had better than the Su-101 were a ridiculous 50 points of damage. Absolutely EVERYTHING ELSE on the Su-101 was better.

    • True, but they should have taken a middle-of-the-road option like BL-9S (which would be very useful if you go down both USSR TD lines, if you unlock it through Uralmash-1 you have a grinder gun before the BL-10, if you unlock it through ISU-152 you have the top gun of the other unlocked). I also figured that the SU-100M1 would obsolete T25AT (better armour, speed, gun) but at that time I did not know about the ridiculously crappy gun arc and gun depression.

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