T110E5 8.0 armor update

To angle or not to angle?

The front hull armor bears similar but not analogous qualities to the Russian pike noses (IS-3/7/8). The elliptic hull shape is optimised for head-on protection by giving vertical and lateral slope at once.

As against the Russian heavy tanks with pike noses, the T110E5 has three zones for both the upper and lower front plates. For the sake of simplicity, we will name the zones as facing (the outer part  facing the opponent with the smallest angle) headlights, white star (there is a star in the game) and opposite headlights. Two of these three zones usually gain armor from angling, one of the outer zones loses some but not dramatically. Russian pike noses rely more on lateral slope.

  • The weakest part of the angled T110E5 upper hull is always the facing headlights section or the lower hull equivalent of it. The “facing” zone is partially covered by the front sprocket and the tracks, and you will be on the move anyway, so it’s probably a moot point.

In fact, small parts of the upper hull midsection (“white star”) also loses some armor at very moderate angling. However, if the angling exceeds the “in-built’ lateral slope, the same armor begins to gain extra again, so it’s barely noticeable.

I give all the information I can, consider your own options. By the way, the M103 does the same, except the numbers for the UFP are lower by 10 percent.

Upper front plate (UFP) immunity

  1. The upper front plate  now can bounce Tier X tank guns without angling. You don’t have to hide the UFP at all anymore.

  1. If you angle your tank at 25 degrees, tops, the former immune facing flashlights zone can be penetrated, although the “white star” becomes immune, the opposite flashlights will bounce Tier X TD guns. Your  hull sides will be penetrated by Tier X TD guns.

  1. At 40 degrees, two zones of the UFP gain immunity or semi-immunity against Tier X TD  guns, the “white star” and the “opposite flashlights”. Hull sides are overmatched by 152 mm and above calibre projectiles and are penetrated even at 20 (70) degrees side(impact) angle. Clearly, there is a risk policy here. Approaching Tier IX TDs armed with such guns with angled hull in the open is not recommended.

  1. The flashlights zones will bounce head-on hits of 380 mm avg pen HEAT (gold) rounds). HEAT can penetrate the 254 mm thick hull beak, but that’s about  the extra performance the gold ammo offers against the T110E5 front armor.
  2. The “white star” still bounces 242 avg shots at facehug-range without side angle.
  3. The UFP can act as shot trap, lucky bounces of Tier X guns can penetrate the immediate zone around the gun, the front turret armor below the gun or the turret ring. But if that happens, that’s a bad day.

Lower hull and turret armor


11 responses to “T110E5 8.0 armor update

  1. Nice, so basically, this tank can bounce anything with the UFP on a good day, all it has to do is to hide the LFP, cupola is as weak as always, but at 80+m and with 2s aimtime it’s absolutely possible to avoid damage. Looks like it’ll be better than ever.
    IS7 with bad gun depression, worse mobility, tragic aimtime and bad accuracy and easier to hit LFP IMO can’t compete with American powerhouse.
    Another long grind awaits…

    • IS-7 is the wrong tank to cry about.
      With 8.0 it will get a absolutly outstanding frontarmor.

      The IS-8 got +18% on its UFP, the IS-7 featuring even better angles will get probably ~+20%.

      • I wouldn’t be so sure about that. And what counts is the LFP anyway, and there IS7 does not benefit that much. 260+ penetration goes through just like it always did, and IS7 can’t really hide it thanks to v. bad gun depression.

        Look at IS4 – its armor got weaker in 0.8, so I wouldn’t be so sure that IS-7 is really getting a buff.

      • Pretty much any tank has the same issue. Examples are T110 turret or Maus turret and many more. With carefully aming pretty much all tanks are still as easy to pen as before in close combat.

        The normalisation nerf increases highly sloped frontal armor values, rest howerever stays almost untouched. This increases the chance of random bounces on distance for example.

        Imo, even after this nerf every TX med and TD has to loose 10mm of penetration, right now on the test server penetration values are still out of control.

      • @Loofah:
        LFP of IS-7 will benefit 0.8.0 just as rest of its frontal armor, there is really no point in saying otherwise, angled armor buff is IS-7 buff, end of story.

  2. Nice Breakdown. This is one of my favorite WOT sites. I hope you don’t stop this blog. With the increased importance of armor in 8.0 I think this site is needed now more then ever.

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