Effective armor changes for 8.0 – Tier IX

Double-click on the picture to enhance. For those who prefer Excel format a link for the XLS (2007)

  1. Armor with moderate slope 30-49 degrees will be raised by 5 percent or less
  2. Armor with average slope 50-59 degrees by 5-6 percent
  3. Armor with high slope 60 degrees + by 7-8 percent or more
  4. Armor with high slope in two dimensions can be raised by 13 percent or more, although in the case of IS-8 it will lose the lateral slope for the facing side by angling, only ~187 mm effective UFP armor is left at 40 degrees.
  5. US egg-shaped hulls (M103, T110-series, M48A1) receive about 10 percent armor boost for the UFP. About 3/5th of the hull  can be angled without effective armor loss, but the reduction for the rest is minor.

Expected changes in the metagame for US

  • The M103 can reliably protect its LFP against 170-180 avg pen guns, close and angled bounces by 203 avg can be expected. The angled UFP can be penetrated only by Tier X TD guns with some consistency. The American heavy is in a good position to keep up with the changes in 8.0. It has the best gun in Tier IX, and the short aim time paired with the good accuracy and great penetration makes it still dangerous for the most heavily armored opponents and their weak spots. Safe angling for the very thin hull sides is raised to 25 degrees.  The majority of the angled UFP will bounce 269 avg pen (tested). Approaching an opponent behind a corner will be easier.
  • The M46  is out of the contest in 8.0. The Patton will not gain significant raise of armor protection, and the top gun will struggle with the front of the T-54 and E-50. It does not worth 63k xp with such questionable performance anymore.
  •  The same changes can be expected for the T30 as the T29/34. Angled upper hull armor will be decent against 170-180 avg.

Expected changes in the metagame for Germany

  • The E-75 can protect its UFP from Tier X TD guns with sensible angling. The German Tier IX heavy tank can pretty much ignore lower-Tier heavies and same-Tier mediums from the front, the sole exception is the US T34 premium. In a corner fight, the 45 degrees angled LFP of the E-75 now will easily bounce all Tier X tank guns. The E-75 is still the king of Tier IX until it runs into an AMX 50 Foch. The 12,8 cm L/55 gun has very little if any chance to penetrate the front armor of the French TD unless you can hit the rangefinder or the machine-gun turret. However, despite its great standing power,  the E-75 will struggle more than the other heavies in Tier X battles.
  • The E-50 can still  fight M103 or the ST-I head on by aiming at the lower hull weak spot or at the M103 turret cheeks but it’s forced to flank the E-75. Gun is going to be unreliable against the angled front of the T-54.
  • Tier VIII heavies mostly won’t penetrate the UFP of the Jagdtiger, but otherwise no real change here. The LFP seems well protected against most Tier VIII mediums. The 250 mm thick superstructure can be penetrated by Tier X TD guns, although range and timely angling and/or hull-down might help.
  • The VK 4502 (P) Ausf.B is going ot have the same level of UFP-protection as the E-75 has now. The LFPs of the two tanks are on the same level. Sidescraping will be easier.

Expected changes in the metagame for Russia

  • The head-on UFP armor of the IS-8 receives a major boost in 8.0, although the survivability of the tank is still based on more like the low profile and good mobility than the armor itself.
  • The ST-I has the best hull-down and angling (up to 40 degrees) options paired with a quite powerful gun.  A hull-down ST-I will be very hard to knock out even for Tier X TD guns. However, an angle ST-I has to move to protect its front hull “shoulders”. The slower Russian heavy bears great offensive and defensive capacities, only the vulnerable LFP and the poor fire control prevents the ST-I from being the best Tier IX heavy tank.
  • No real changes for the Object 704 armor. Try not to hit the mantlet or the “collars”.
  • The fast and elusive T-54 will be still a great flanker medium/heavy spotter regardless to the general sloped armor buff and the reduction of gun-efficiency.



21 responses to “Effective armor changes for 8.0 – Tier IX

  1. E-75 lower glacis is 130mm 60 degree.

    According to this :

    armor_1 160 _armor_1
    armor_2 130 _armor_2
    armor_3 120 _armor_3
    armor_4 120 _armor_4
    armor_5 120 _armor_5
    armor_6 40 _armor_6
    armor_7 40 _armor_7
    armor_8 40 _armor_8
    armor_9 40 _armor_9
    armor_10 0 _armor_10
    armor_11 30 _armor_11

  2. Nice!

    That E75 will become a complete madness towards lower tier enemies.

    -JT as far as i know, features only the historical 100mm on the LFP.
    my KV-5 did pen it very well last time i saw one.
    Only the KT uses the boosted 120mm.
    -not sure about that foch slope, i thought it was less.

    & Good work.

    Sorry for being such a correct bastard :)!

    • They are the same IMO.

      Just re-checked. 90mm M3 with 160 avg penetrated the KT and the JT LFP at the same rate (~50%), all Kwk 42 138 avg shots ricocheted from the JT.

      Not sure about the Foch either, wish I could join 8.0 test because I have access to only there.

  3. To fix my comment above, I think IT MUST BE 130mm LFP for E75, because a lot of players find that E75 LFP bounced alot more than E100 LFP. I own both E75 and E100 I experienced that same thing. Also, there are a lot of info on the forums to confirm this.

    – Patch 7.5: 130mm is at 211mm effective and It does act like ones, more than 195mm as stated here. So in 8.0 it should be 226mm

      • In 7.5 and earlier, the Long 88 does penetrate (with some 50% consistency) the LFP of E75 from front (unangled) at short to medium ranges. The 225 Pen guns (long 10.5 and BL9) almost always penetrates the LFP from front at short to medium ranges.

        BTW, the test server is slightly more accessible now, so do try (keep pressing ENTER, till you see the words ‘logging in’).

      • When patch 6.6 hit the servers we tested the E-75 lfp vs the long 88 and it penetrated 8/10times at 80meters distance. I’m 100% sure it’s 120mm and not 130mm.

  4. Yea the testserver is more accessable right now.

    By the way, does anybody know that the changes regarding normalisation were applied already?
    I didnt feel much of a difference yet – TX TD guns are still far too powerfull.


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