Hills are my armor – The T29 heavy tank

And now the bad news…

However, the T29 is neither the perfect hull-down tank in World of Tanks nor the ultimate facehugger. It has its own share of weak spots, both on the hull and turret.  The lower front plate, the glacis top center, hull machine-gun and the hatches are all very weak. The flat triangle-shaped area above the mantlet and the commander’s cupola can be penetrated too. The turret can stop the majority of the shots on a good day, but Tier IX guns has decent chance to penetrate the cheeks outside the gun mantlet.

Despite the less than impressive front turret armor parameters I still hate to shoot at the T29/34 turret.Elevated hull position, higher ground and range, all works for the American heavy. I would not expect to penetrate the turret with anything less than 220 average penetration, and it’s still very chancy if we hit the right spot. Be aware, that  your swinged turret can be penetrated by higher tier guns through the sides.

If you are a lower tier tank with 120-140-ish avg pen, you have to aim at the LFP (even when it’s angled) or the hull sides/rear, because the 127 mm thick turret sides can be still bouncy.

The engine deck is a one big landing bay with flashlights for artillery shells, and you will receive lot of artillery splash damage through the thin sides. TheT29/34s are favoured targets of SPGs, but when the artillery presence is limited, you can pretty much dominate hilly maps.

How to facehug?

What can you do with about 200 average penetration now and after 8.0 is pretty much covered in the previous posts like the one about the Tiger tank. Well, the 105 mm T5E1 top gun is much less accurate to hit weak spots  than the long 88, so your T29 will be a bit pressed in the next version. You can still try to facehug opponents you have trouble to penetrate with, but truth to be told, facehug of the T29 works better at killing same or lower tier opponents without or minor hp-loss. As I told, Tier IX guns can penetrate the turret cheeks, and you have a vulnerable cupola too. But the real problem is, that the low-built tanks with poor gun depression like the IS-3/8 can still reach your hull. Facehug works best against tall tanks with poor gun depression. Germans are in this cluster, several Russians like KV-3 and T-34/85 are there too, but it does not work at all against Americans and the French. Then again, the same tall tanks can still penetrate the armor above the mantlet.

I was never much a facehugger myself. Any road, if you take your chances in a 1v1 situation, you still have to protect your cupola on the back of the turret somehow. The edges of the cupola can bounce guns with higher penetration, so it’s worth to jiggle a bit. You can shoot through the bolted turret roof armor above the gun of the IS-3, the cupola of the King Tiger can be penetrated safely too. If you face an IS-8 or E-75, you have to go for the cupolas/hatches but your chances are slim against an ST-I. Even if your turret armor stands, there can be unpleasant surprises. A panicked novice player can still knock out your gun with shooting right at the gun mantlet.

T34 gameplay of mine. It’s not perfect, and I was pinned at the end, but it can give you the idea how to use the terrain at your advantage.

Don’t do that…

If you are new this tank, there is one thing you should never do, skipping the 90 mm M3 gun on the M6. A T29 with the 76 mm stock gun is practically useless for the team, a wasted slot, and you will earn experience at a much slower rate with it. It looks hilarious though, but not in a good way, and a soft touch jury sentence 100 hours of forced stock A-20 grind for that (well, they should). You can equip your brand new T29 with the 90 mm without the upgraded tracks if you don’t use any additional equipment yet. The M3 gun is accurate and effective against all Tier VII heavy tanks.

Hopefully back with one of the new Russian tank destroyers soon

Davidb, Sinenfutorepatolvaj


17 responses to “Hills are my armor – The T29 heavy tank

  1. and about the is-3, looks like the LFP is 100mm in the game.



  2. Btw, can anyone do me a favor ?

    I need to take a look at those vehicles :

    Pz IV Schmalturm*

    Including both models and xml would be very nice.

    Because of my crap Internet, it tooks ~3 day to download 8.0 test.

  3. An off-topic question if you wouldn’t mind:

    Could you share, if you have, pike armor angle and thickness data for IS-3, 8, 7?
    Preferably for all four plates including lower hull and driver’s hatch plate

    Oh, and “shoulder armor” angle data for IS-4 too if possible.

    I’m trying to do math myself for some hypotheticals/battlefield situation that I often encounter…

    Thanks in advance!

    • This is I know with angles

      IS-3 UFP 110/56 from vertical and 43 lateral, 100/61 LFP from vertical, driver’s plate 110/72 (autobounce)

      IS-8 UFP 120/55 from vertical and 40 deg lateral, driver’s hatch 60/78 from vertical (autobounce)

      LFP probably 120/40

      IS-4 shoulders are 160 mm but I don’t know about angle.

      • Much obliged!

        So the designers actually reduced armor angles for IS-3’s successor model and tried to compensate it with 10mm thicker plate, interesting, structural problems perhaps?

        Too bad angle info is not available for Soviet tier 10s, that 4 shoulder and 7 glacis surely bounce a lot for being just 160mm and 150mm thick plates!

  4. The commanders hatch and turret roof are considerably harder to hit when the T29 is depressing due to the terrain features. Your best bet is to shoot HE into the base of the turret, as it will likely damage the gun and do significant damage due to the thin roof armor at the very top of the UFP. The T29s gun and gunner are very vulnerable to HE hits on the turret.

    You can also use the turret base as a shot trap working both ways, either up into the turret ring or down into the Hatches.

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