Effective armor changes for 8.0 – Tier VIII

Click on the picture to enhance. For those who prefer Excel format a link for the XLS (2007)

  • We will test Lowe separately this week

A 4th category of sloped armor joined the rest in Tier VIII

  1. Armor with moderate slope 30-49 degrees will be raised by 5 percent or less
  2. Armor with average slope 50-59 degrees by 5-6 percent
  3. Armor with high slope 60 degrees + by 7-8 percent or more
  4. Armor with high slope in two dimensions can be raised by 13 percent

General metagame readings

  • Tier VIII medium tanks will be marginally effective against the usual front armor weak spots of same Tier heavies, with the sole exception of Panther II which has some penetration reserve.
  • Tier VIII heavy tanks with good armor will have trouble with penetrating the main armor areas of each other, aiming at weak pots will be even more crucial.
  • Stock  tank weapons except the long 88 are  ineffective against frontal armor.
  • The Type 59 is going to have 174 mm WoT-equivalent armor instead of 162. Among the mediums, only the Panther II penetrates this armor with reliability, the rest are screwed from the frontal arch. The Type with its favoured matchmaking will dominate Tier VIII battles en masse.

Expected changes in the metagame for US

  • The T32 without a Tier IX gun bought it. Although the front hull armor is going to receive a serious boost, the American heavy will struggle with the frontal armor of the Tiger II and especially the IS-3. Facehug-tactics become more important.
  • The other loser of 8.0 in Tier VIII is the Pershing. The gun will lack, and the mobility of the tank is too mediocre for a flanker.
  • T34 will be a bit tougher against lower Tier opponents. The American premium heavy can bounce 170-180 avg hits with sensible angling.

Expected changes in the metagame for Germany

  • The Tiger II will hold its ground with its excellent angled armor and great accuracy.
  • The Panther II hold its “medium tank-killer” title. The UFP raises to the current Type 59 protection level, the angled armor can bounce shots of other Tier VIII mediums. LFP vulnerability remains.
  • The 4502A has poorer performance against the IS-3 and the Tiger II but it will stomp most Tier VIII mediums and lower Tiers even more.

Expected changes in the metagame for Russia

  • The IS-3 gets a huge armor boost. The Russian heavy will be the most novice-friendly Tier VIII armor and probably the most effective Tier VIII heavy tank.  Small target profile, very hard to knock out from the front, well protected sides, mobile enough to act as semi-flanker in higher Tiers.
  • The upper front plate of the T-44 will be as tough as the Type 59 has now. The low profile and great mobility helps the Russian Tier 8 medium to stay in the ring.

Tier IX table is upcoming, feature article tomorrow!



14 responses to “Effective armor changes for 8.0 – Tier VIII

  1. Is there a reason for using 5 deg. instead of 4 deg. normalization?
    I thought “4-5 degrees” meant 4 deg for bog AP and 5 deg for goldie APCRs
    And likewise, is the actual normalization value change for lateral angle known now? (e.g. 4 deg. vs 5 deg. for lateral angle)

    Thanks for your service to the community, it’s easily my most visited blog since its launch.

    • Overlord (EU community manager) just told something about “average” 5. Worst case scenario: we are off by 1 degree (5 mm at 60+ degrees). Although he is not the most trustworthy source when it comes to numbers.

      I can tell sure about lateral angle when the test server reopens.

  2. Could you please tell us how 8.0 affected the Super Pershing’s armor? I just bounced two BL10s off its turret, so I’m dying (in-game, that is) to know what its armor is like now.

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