Last chance for glory – The Tiger tank in World of Tanks

I’m really sorry for the longer than expected hiatus, but truth to be told, we have a problem. For days, first my subconscious then my reason started to doubt if there is any future for this blog. The upcoming version of World of Tanks brings major changes in more way than one in the gameplay, and one of these affects all the work of ours heavily. If we can’t find a solid solution for it, then this post could be the last stand of WoT Armory. So let te horns be sounded! If we cannot triumph, we will ride out in the blaze of glory.

Plans for the 8.0 changes!

  • Re-test all CW-related heavy armor. Mostly pictures, few text.
  • The rest will go through a calculated conversion for the main armor areas

Let me elaborate

It was no less than a lighting strike for us. All of a sudden, WG announced that there will be major changes in the slope compensation system. The relative distribution of weak and stronger areas will not change, but the levels of protection is going to. I’m thinking about a 8.0 conversion table for different slopes, but most people don’t know the angles for each vehicle (neither do I sometimes), and we don’t have the time and stamina for redoing them all. Not to mention that estimates and rough calculations cannot really substitute hands on tests. But what really bothers me that our armor facing and shooting guides become obsolete and useless overnight. We don’t know how to handle this yet, and I’m at the end of my personal WoT playing curve.

And this product of the German war-machine  is still selling…

It couldn’t be a more fit end than analysing the most legendary tank of History, the German Tiger. Well, don’t expect me to  do a historical coverage, because there are tons of pure text and multimedia material about the Tiger tanks online, and the books alone could fill a whole library. One thing is for sure, the Tiger became the greatest “sandwich tank” of popular history. I would rather concentrate on a gameplay guide and giving a helping hand to the starters who picked the German Henschel-line first.

How to Tiger?


15 responses to “Last chance for glory – The Tiger tank in World of Tanks

  1. You won’t pen the E-75’s front now, unless it is tilted back and you have a LFP shot.

    You also can heavily angle the Tiger H – the optimal protection angle is about 35 degrees. You will not get much over 120mm effective but it is better then the 20-25 degrees most players expect.

  2. I love this tank!
    Thanks for this post and i hope you guys keep up even befor the 8.0 patch. =)
    Best of lucky for all of you! ^^

  3. Don’t quit.
    Just start it all over again.
    Take the most popular post 0.8 vehicles, and test them.
    IS4, IS7, E100, VK, E75, Maus – because in their case the most will change.
    I know you would love to test all popular in-game tanks, but you will keep popularity as long as this site will contain useful information about in-game tanks.
    I will read for sure.

  4. This is my favourite WoT-site. I know it’s frustrating to do all the hard work again, but i’d be very dissapointed if you quit. Don’t give up!

  5. Well, weaker parts of tanks still will be weaker so even old posts will be useful to find out, which parts of armor are bad target, and which are better target.

    You are very professional and well made site. I know what I am writing, I am editor, I have my own website (not connected with games or tanks 🙂 ).

  6. The worst part of it is that they will probably tune it even after patch. So every article with armor protection report can be inaccurate very soon and even fix of those old protection reports can’t be reworked soon.

    IMO you should find some decent revert engineering specialist, to retrieve info which you need, because WG definitely wont give you anything useful for your site or you should become oriented on some different kind of articles, which wont get totaly obsolete just because WG slightly change some constants in their game.

    Anyway I really like your site the most among all WoT related sites and I would be very sad if you would shut your work down.

    • Porbably we will do the following.

      Re-test clan-wars related armor.

      The rest will go tthrough a calculated conversion for the main areas. It can be done if we know the thickness/slope values.

  7. Giving up and stopping is not an option guys.Please keep up the good work,there is a lot of useful information in your articles, not to mention the all around professional site!

  8. Don’t quit, i’m very close to hitting tier 10 without ever spending money – my progress through the higher tiers owes a lot to these guides. The armour tweaks are a good thing:

    ” Protection-maximizing and advanced armor facing tactics matter less and less in this environment, position and spotting does. But do we want an FPS with casual armor and a hitpoint-system instead of a tank game?”

    That’s from your t-62 review. in my view the tweaks will reaffirm the importance of armour.

    Nice review of the tiger, it’s a tank you have to play smart.

  9. Is the LFP a flat surface or are those bumps accounted for?
    I am asking because the Tiger lower plate, when angled by 10° sometimes bounce bl-9’s.

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