We came a long way

A brief personal assessment. We have reached the 500k page views recently, and that is a semi-jubilee. Four months ago, such interest was unimaginable for us. I set a milestone here. We are no longer in an experimental stage, and the work will definitely go on in the future. In case you are curious at who stand behind this whole stuff, turn one page.

I think, we have a working format, even if we have problems with the language sometimes. What you could see building up during the last months is trial by error, we took the most of the free blog template. None of us are professional bloggers, we had just started to do something, and it turned out like this. New friends were made, but some of the original team left the game altogether.

However, you can expect a different type of articles too. Less tank-specific and guideline-like material that focuses on certain parts of the  game mechanics like HE-effect or spaced armor.

We are aware that flaws and mistakes can  happen during tests as well. Time is the biggest factor here, our goal is to give information about new armor at the shortest notice. We take attention to most remarks, but it can happen, that the pressure for new content drives us further.

Mugshots about the staff


3 responses to “We came a long way

  1. Keep up the amazing work guys. I really do value your info, as its simple, clear and damn fine perfect! Your articles have helped me and many others on how to use our armoured beasts well. Thank you.

  2. keep up the great work neighbours (im from Slovenia)…
    i really like the format with the amusing articles, otherwise i would just look at the armour thickness pictures, but here its worth to read the whole article

    thumbs up to Davidb… hitbox skins and fancy crosshairs are for pussies… if you cant remember those few values and weakspots you deserve to fail

    thank you for great work

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