Biomechanical nightmare – The Object 268

The second best Tier X TD weapon

The 152 mm gun is deceptively short, yet it is probably the most dangerous non-autoloader/non-SPG gun in the game. The M64 has the highest penetration in the game paired with great accuracy. This is a great step forward compared to the BL-10 of the Object 704 which has a legendary “temper”. You had to sacrifice a goat every time you started to play to keep the spirits guiding the 152 mm projectiles to the target happy. The new gun has “those games”, but nothing extraordinary, the new American 155 mm has weird shots  as well. The M64 shoots straight, mostly.

The great penetration is one thing, you still have to aim at the accustomed weak spots to maximize your chances. The Tier X TDs have all great penetration, accuracy and aim time is more important. Especially the latter is, but the M64 is quite good for such a huge gun by Russian standards. Basically, the vanilla M64 aims like the 122 mm of the Su-100 with gun laying drive, but I still recommend the faster-aiming equipment. It not only helps to track any moving target but it decreases your exposure time, and as I told, Object 268s can fight better at close range than 704s.

One more reason to play less static

You get better mobility and gun than the 704, but there is a price. The horizontal (and the vertical) movement of the gun is very limited, poor by any standard. You better take the initiative and rush your opponents instead of ambushing, because the tracking of moving targets  can be very problematic at shorter range. The enemy tanks  move outside the limited arch of your gun constantly, and then you have to move your hull and restart the aiming procedure. If you use camonet, the movement of the hull will nullify its bonus.

Rammer-ventilation-gun laying drive

Again, gun-laying drive helps some, but I wouldn’t use stand-off equipment on the 268. I would go for maximizing the general performance, the accuracy and reload time,  especially the shortest possible aim time. The damage output is something the Object 268 is very good at. It has the highest DPM of Tier X TDs, the 268 fires about 20 percent faster than the benchmark T110E4. It outdamages even the fast-firing T110E5!

The armor of the 268


8 responses to “Biomechanical nightmare – The Object 268


    Have a look my post (2nd from above) and open the spoiler, the The object 268 ingame model is too smal and also features wrong dimensions. RL version was indeed a lil shorter than the IS-8, but its ~ the same high. The 3rd pic in my post shows it pretty good. Feel free to add it 🙂

    And of course, GREAT review!

    – Hammerschlag

  2. Good guide! Haven’t fought many of these, but I agree that while it is tactically more capable than te 704, it is nowhere near as intimidating in its tier as the 704 was. I guess that can be an advantage though.

    I would love to see your review of the Jagdpanzer E-100, because I know you will hate it. I’d still like to get your tips though 🙂

  3. Great review! out of all the new T10 TD’s this one is the least frightening for me. Its armor is very weak. No wonder i havent seen many playing it. Ive seen more JPE-100 drivers than Obj 268.

  4. I happen to love the Obj. 268,It’s my second favorite tank,after the tier 9 FV214 Conqueror. Although it’s Armour isn’t great,It holds up pretty well,And it’s gun is fantastic,at least in my opinion,it also happens to look beautiful,and threatening to me at the same time. Although I value your opinion, I kind of don’t like articles like these,as they’re too opinionated,please just tell me what you think of the tank…without completely undermining it’s ability.

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