The First Tiger killer – The Churchill tank

The Churchill in World of Tanks

The Mk III in WoT is a Lend-Lease tank for Russian service and a Tier V premium heavy tank which costs 1500 gold. The Churchill is armed with a rapid-firing 57 mm gun and has a crew of five (one loader and one radioman). The Mk III is a slow but relatively well armored and armed tank which is much easier to play since the Russian 107 and 152 mm guns were taken out of Tier V. In my opinion, it’s a solid and low-risk investment for silver-farming and Russian heavy tank crew-training. The Churchill will not be purchasable as a Premium tank when the British tree arrives, so if you’re thinking of getting one do so before patch 8.1 arrives.

Strengths of the Churchill

  • You can use any Russian heavy  crew in it, so they gain experience faster and with less expenses than in a higher tier heavy (works the same way as other premium tanks)
  • You won’t meet higher opponents than Tier VIs.
  • The Churchill can earn about 20k average credits per match in the right hands without a premium account. Don’t expect wonders with a basic 50% crew though.
  • Good frontal and, to a lesser degree, side armor against lower Tier opponents.
  • Motherload of ammo. No less than 140 projectiles! Never used ammo at the bottom of the storage-syndrome.
  • Very high rate of fire with short aim time. You can literally machine-gun your opponents to death or permatrack TDs and higher Tier tanks.
  • The highest number of hitpoints (700) among all Tier V tanks.

Weaknesses of the Churchill

  • Poor speed (max 28 km/h) and maneuverability hinders your tactical versatility. The Churchill can easily be flanked if you are not cautious enough. Fun fact: you are still faster than the Tier VIII Super Pershing.
  • The 57 mm gun has very low alpha strike and it lacks penetrating power against same Tier heavies at longer range. This weapon loses some of its power in Tier VI and is not very accurate either. The small projectiles get absorbed by tracks often if you hit the sides and the 57mm HE rounds are useless.
  • Poor gun depression (6 degrees)
  • The armor is average in Tier V terms and it’s riddled with weak spots. However, you can compensate for it somewhat if you keep moving. The sponsons behind the tracks can take damage and the Churchill is possibly the only tank in the game which can be killed from the front by only shooting at its tracks. The highly sloped but very thin middle front hull is another major weakness.
  • High vulnerability against HE-shells. Spall-liner is recommended if you can allow it. A 105 mm howitzer hit can bite three-digit chunks from the frontal armor.
  • Costly equipment (heavy class, 500-600k credits each) but worth the expenditure.

Tactical guideline


6 responses to “The First Tiger killer – The Churchill tank

  1. The Churchill also has an extremely high experience coefficient – it is by far the best tank in the game for grinding convertible exp. Averaging 1200 exp/battle is not unheard of for this tank – a ridiculous number at tier 5.

  2. Just bought this and it’s a lot of fun! 🙂
    Iwanted to use it for crewtraining but there’s a snag, it has a radio operator, and IS4 and IS-7 doesn’t have any dedicated radioman. And i have no good one to put in there wich in the end means I have to put an inexperienced radioman in it which will “steal” the XP buff every battle /sadface

  3. i have had churchill for awhile, they always put me in battles with teir 7 which is stupid cause i cant take half the tanks, and im a easy target, but i found with the teir 6 75mm gun aiming by gun barrel and front of turret, (thing up top that rotates) it makes it easier to kill other tanks, ramming in front and taking head on as well helps me, i cant wait for black prince

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