Devastator – The T110E4 on testserver

I’ve never seen such power and potential in this game before. I think, many of us already know, what to expect from the new Tier10 medium tanks and tank destroyers.  Instead of a lengthy praise, I would share my reflections about the latest  test events and the related past. The arrival of the T110E4 and other tank destroyers will set a milestone, and this new TD (among others) will reshape the arsenals of the World of Tanks Clans.

The turreted tank destroyer theory

What makes one new member of the T110 family so extraordinary or special? Well, it’s not classified as a tank but it has the potential to act as an “Ersatz” heavy tank. TDs have a well-defined modus operandi; they ambush, they secure flanks, they escort and support an armored assault from the second line. If circumstances allow it, TDs can lead assaults through “corridor routes”, where they can meet and deal with the enemy without being threatened by flanking.

Military history taught as a lesson. The  turreted tank destroyer was America’s creation. They were envisioned as an “anti-Blitzkrieg” tool, an armored task force that matches the mobility and the firepower of the German onslaught. The  antitank guns on tracks had to cross the way of the Panzer Divisions and defeat them with superior mobile firepower from multiple prepared positions. It was an impressive theory, but I need to tell, that it didn’t work out that way in real life.

And practice

But why is that interesting to us? History repeats itself in World of Tanks. People try to use their turreted TDs as tanks, and this is completely normal. The abstract doctrine of the turreted tank destroyer held little merit in the heat of the battle. When field commanders were short of conventional tanks, they turned to the TDs for replacement. The needs of the real battlefield overwrote the fantasy of armchair-generals. This armor has a gun and turret. They are tanks as long as I’m concerned. I want tanks to cover the lads under fire, so get in line!

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3 responses to “Devastator – The T110E4 on testserver

  1. I have to agree the E4 TD is the most imba tier 10 introduced in 7.5, for skilled drivers, its like driving a T110E5 but with a huge gun. There’s NO serious drawbacks that skill cannot negate. The same arguments about the weak E5 sides/rear armor, but its pointless, a skilled driver doesn’t let that become a factor. The E5 is already the best tier 10 tank, giving it one of the best gun as well = imba as hell.

    JagPz E-100 has major drawbacks. Even the Foch 155 (which is also very good) has major drawbacks. Having a very well armored turret that “only” turns 180 deg is not a drawback, when have u seriously been in a situation where you need the turret to face behind? Especially with the fast pivot turn of these tanks.

  2. Man just had an encounter with this monster. In my Elite JT first shot was : the left side of MG turret. It did damage. Second shot was in the middle of the MG turret>bounce!! third shot and probably bad luck, was aiming for the 242 turret area, but hit the immune outer mantlet. It penetrated but no damage. This TD is almost invulnerable from distance…if you dont have a very accurate gun, then better think twice before engaging this TD from the front. Simply put, T110E4 is T110E5 on steroids !! better gun, better armor, almost the same speed. Im going for this beast!

  3. Q: Seriously, am I the only one who is bored and weary about this informal business policy?
    A: Hell no. The freemium businessmodel + greed = fail game. To lower the quality of your product to make money…

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