Cockroach on cocaine – The T-62A


I won’t waste too much words, how good the new guns of the Tier10 mediums and TDs are, the pictures tell themselves. But as for the T-62A, I have several observations I would like to share. The battlefield of the new high-end Russian medium tank will be more difficult and more merciless than the same for the T-54. The maximum tier difference for tanks in the same match will be lowered to two. This means, that Tier10s will meet at least Tier8s. The other factor that will make the T-62A less forgiving is the decreased armor protection. By the virtue of its armor, a T-54 could take lower tier medium tanks confidently, but the T-62A has thinner, 100 mm thick historical front hull armor (the same as Type 59 has). This weakness had been expected, but WG went to the extremes to make this tank appealing. Maybe that is why it got so powerful gun.

Almost any Tier8 tank can penetrate this hull armor, protection won’t be advantage anymore.

However, there is a saving grace

Compared to the T-54, the T-62A has great accuracy on the move and superior aim time.

Regardless to the possible gun changes, this little bug looks like a never-stopping fire on the move tank which works best in wolf packs. The combination of high rate of fire, penetration and accuracy on the move is deadly against any flanked heavy armor. This is all well, but spitting out so much expensive shells with less than average alpha strike in such short time means high upkeep. The T-62A will be a very expensive toy, non-premium users can’t expect cloudless play with it. The low alpha strike leads to more exposure, this tank seems definitely less durable than its predecessor. Tier10 mediums  fire APDS/APCR as default credit ammo, these had only the two-third of the average flying time of AP rounds, which boosts accuracy against weak spots and firing on the move a lot.

Mobility loss

The T-62A is slower and a bit bigger than the T-54, artillery will hit us more. The Russian tank lost its mobility edge against the American and German counterpart. It”s still better a bit, but equipment, crew experience and the starting position will be more often a decisive factor on hill races than the physical limits of the tank itself. The T-62A is great in the open, it reaches its top speed fast on almost any terrain, but it gets somehow fallen when climbing hills. The ultimate position-rusher title still belongs to the Batchat (promoted to Tier10).

From the same starting position (middle of the base circle) the slower M48 and the T-62A reached hill of Mines and Karelia at about the same time. The T-62A has probably a small edge with full crew.

A surprise for us, but unlike the T-54 the T-62A can pivot-turn.



7 responses to “Cockroach on cocaine – The T-62A

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  2. quote:
    “I think, WG moved with the new Tier10 medium tanks into the wrong direction. These new mediums carry such superior weaponry, that effectively nullifies the armor advantage of heavy tanks. In my opinion, this is a misconception. Medium tanks should not armed with equal or superior guns to the heavy tanks. A medium tank is position-taker, it uses its mobility to bring the gun into a favored position. After then, the mediums hold the line until the support arrives in the form of other class vehicles. It rushes, flanks, looks for holes in the defense. However, a medium tank should be not able to face a heavy tank head on by the virtue of pure penetration power and accuracy, damage output.”
    couldn’t say it better, T10 meds should have 250mm pen max.

  3. Looks bad to me. No gun depression, bigger and paper hull in combination with middle turret position, bad mobility and less HP than heavies. Makes this tank looking as inferior dog fighter to me.

    Developers trying to compensate this with superior reaction time made by aim time and RoF, but I don’t think it will be enough to stay competitive.

    • 29 september 00:02
      Unfortunately I have to confirm that the parameters of the game of my Russian tanks A20 and T40 have been changed from release 8.
      Shot and is not recorded shots.

      Hit and end up a tank and I can not due to the destruction of the tank.
      In other cases framed shot on the tank and is not recorded nor blow nor the damage.
      I have a big problem and so I decided to suspend the game
      The parameters I have been changed for me now is a fraud.
      This game has become a joke as well do not even have the satisfaction of proper recognition of the victories.
      It was a good game you have changed.
      Maybe it’s because I’m Italian?

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