Rolling phalanx – The T95 protection report

A single creature, impenetrable, unstoppable, it shatters each advance…The ultima ratio against any attempt for frontal attack, the T95 discourages even the bravest tanker hearts. But is there a chink in its armor, how can you stop the spartan of World of Tanks? No more mysteries, no more secrets, WOT Armory respectfully presents you the T95 protection report.

But before we run into the very details, let me add one comment about this strange armored creature. It’s not only its unusual looks, the original T28/95 gun motorized carriage was not designed as a tank destroyer. This cumbersome 95 tonnes vehicle was more like a rolling bunker in walking pace, which was meant to take out bunkers at the western german border and through the planned Japan mainland invasion. But the historical events overcame the T95, and the project was quickly scrapped after the war.

World of Tanks resurrected this unique AFV, but for not taking out static bunkers and pillboxes… As a Tier9 endgame tank destroyer, the T95 became the slowest and most heavily armored vehicle in WOT, tackling it from the front is next to to suicidal, the punch of its top gun makes every opponent think.

The frontal armor, small chinks

So let’s talk about the T95 armor, I just cannot help myself using metaphors from the ancient times, but the best way to fight a T95 is to outflank it from the sides and rear. From the front it’s like a closed infantry formation, and horses  do not charge into spears or bayonets indistinctly. Yes, it can be hurt from the front, it can be demobilized, it cannot go into tetsudo formation against artillery, like the roman legionaries did against arrows. That T95, which cannot keep its opponents upfront finds itself very fast on the fields of Malinovka, all dead.

It came as no surprise, that even the most powerful guns can penetrate only very few zones of the T95 front armor, namely the lower front plate (LFP) and the two cupolas/hatches on the roof. So we mapped the exact resistance of these areas, and then concentrated at the side armor from high angles and frontal arch. It’s a more realistic scenario, if someone fires at a T95 with some angle, but which weapons can penetrate the weaker sides from the front?

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